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Strategic Advisory


Digital Strategy Development

Empowering organisations with a digital vision, direction, and roadmap to support delivery against your client, staff, and business goals. 

Need Indicators

  • Have your business goals changed significantly since your last digital strategy was developed?

  • Are your current core systems outdated or struggling to keep pace with industry advancements? 

  • How does your data and digital ecosystem support delivery against strategic goals?


We explore your current technologies, data, architecture, future needs, budget constraints and security considerations to create a plan that provides a clear digital strategy for your organisation

Ensure your digital strategy is focused on how technology and data can be used to:

  • Improve productivity and experience: This could involve using software to automate tasks or improve communication between teams

  • Give you a competitive edge: This might involve using technology to develop new products or services or to scale correctly to meet your market demands.  

  • Support your business goals: Whatever your company's overall goals are (increasing sales, improving customer service), your digital strategy, we will ensure your plan outlines how technology can help you achieve them.​

Virtual CIO

Providing strong and effective CIO leadership in an affordable way will set your organisation in the right strategic direction to maximise technology and data to achieve organisational goals.

Need Indicators

  • Do you have a clear IT strategy aligned with your overall business goals?

  • Is your current IT infrastructure positioned to support your strategy?

  • Is the appointment of a full-time CIO not currently a good fit due to the size of your organisation and funding constraints?  


We will tailore our Virtual CIO service to your specific needs to best fit your organisation's level of technology maturity and aspired goals. This can be either in the form of ongoing strategic advice or to assistance with specific projects.

Operating as your Virtual CIO will bring the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Cost-effectiveness: For smaller or mid-sized businesses, a full-time CIO can be a significant expense. Let us provide the same level of expertise but in a more scalable and affordable way. 

  • Strategic Guidance: Our service will help to develop a clear IT strategy aligned with your overall business goals. As a Virtual CIO, Blue Bike will review your current technology infrastructure, identify areas for improvement, and recommend effective solutions.

  • Expertise and Objectivity: As your Virtual CIO, Blue Bike will bring our experience across various industries. This broad perspective can be valuable for organisations adopting new technologies or implementing innovative solutions. We will provide an objective viewpoint on IT challenges, free from internal biases.

RFP Management for Core-System Upgrades

Engage Blue Bike to manage your end-to-end requirements and RFP process to free up your internal staff and ensure the product and vendor selection occurs in an effective, efficient and complaint way.

Need Indicators

  • Are you planning a new core system upgrade without the capacity or know-how to deliver the process?

  • Do you need support to conduct a robust vendor evaluation and explore options?  


From past engagements, our clients have achieved a better outcome by using our expert knowledge to run an RFx process more objectively and efficiently while emphasising probity.  Our team can support you by:

  1. Digital strategy perspective - identify organisational needs for enhanced technology capabilities. Often resulting in a Board business case for an RFP process. 

  2. Develop organisational requirements, understand integration needs, and future-state architecture. Conduct a market scan and identify a long-short list of possible products and vendors. 

  3. Design and conduct the RFP process to take the organisation through to product and vendor selection decision.  Often supporting the Business Case to the board ahead of contract signing and implementation planning.

Blue Bike will bring the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Efficiency and Speed:  Blue Bike has the experience to streamline the RFP process, saving time and resources.

  • Improved Quality: We offer a well-structured RFP that attracts the most qualified vendors and clearly communicates your needs.

  • Reduced Risk: We will navigate potential pitfalls in the RFP process, mitigating risks of vendor misinterpretations or unqualified proposals.

  • Benchmarking and Market Insights: We will leverage our knowledge of the technology sector to provide valuable insights into current market trends and vendor capabilities.

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