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SectorFirst - next generation insight for Aged Care and Disability services providers.

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

SectorFirst – Online, real-time, affordable (no capital expenditure)!

Providers in the Aged Care and Disability Sectors were facing challenging times even prior to the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many providers across those two sectors deliver a similar range of services, including; residential accommodation, in-home care, day-programs, and clinical services. Some disability service providers also provide employment and training services.

Increasingly, providers are seeking to support their timely business decision making with evidence (live data), seeking to create high quality reporting for their governance and management teams, and seeking to improve their administrative efficiency - aiding margins.

As community sector specialists, Blue Bike recognised this need and developed an exciting new service for the Aged Care and Disability sectors. SectorFirst is an on-line platform that provides next-generation insight to Aged Care and Disability services providers.

SectorFirst captures data directly from a provider’s core systems and uses that data to answer critical questions, present insightful data, and enhance administrative productivity; - all with live, real-time data.

Most importantly, SectorFirst brings a secure new capability at a very affordable cost – with no up-front capital expenditure.

The critical questions / reporting / insights SectorFirst asks and answers, include:

This incredible suite of insight can be available to providers, online, real-time, with no expensive capital expenditure or large software licence fees.

Contact Blue Bike Solutions to learn more about SectorFirst: Nick Stephens (Client Partner) Ph 0499 200 009 or email

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