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Legacy Data


YODaaS - Legacy Data for Future Use

How do you retain access to your legacy data to ensure it is rapidly referenceable, secure and retained in a cost-effective way?

The Problem

  • How do you manage your valuable and sensitive historical data to meet operational, compliance, reporting, and audit needs?

  • How do you cut the cost of complex data migrations?

  • We all know that spreadsheets, PDFs or keeping the old system running won’t cut it.


In October 2022, Telstra Health announced the discontinuation of TCM. Clients can deposit their TCM data in YODaaS to ensure continuity and ease of use while starting fresh with their new Care Solution.

YODaaS will help you to: 

  • We’ve developed a robust and secure solution called ‘Your Data as a Service’ (YODaaS).

  • Discontinue maintenance of expensive legacy systems

  • Extend, interrogate and analyse your data using a dedicated, secure Enterprise Search platform and data ingestion and browsing tools

  • Meeting data retention requirements by keeping legacy data available for reference purposes

  • Scalable from 100's to tens of millions of documents


Use Case example: Show me all the billing records with the name John between 01/01/2000 to 02/02/2022

Type of Data YODaaS will retain:

Progress Notes, Rosters, Financial Transactions, Case Notes, Staff Records, Supplier Lists, CRM Records, etc.

A powerful, yet simple and easy to use solution that is cost effective and designed to work with any data extracts.

Transfer your legacy data to a secure cloud platform to give you peace of mind.

Allow you to modernise your systems while retaining critical data.

Load your data files into a format that brings instant "Google like" search capability for rapid retrieval.

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