Capability as a Service

Resource Flexibility: A Key Differentiator

Blue Bike augments your team's capability and capacity on an as-needs basis, hand selecting the right people to meet your immediate and ongoing needs

Resource Flexibility: A Key Differentiator

Capability as a Service differs from traditional engagements in that it provides resource flexibility, with changes to the resource profile made as required with limited administrative overhead.


There are three dimensions of this flexibility:


1. Resource numbers – additional resources can be quickly deployed in-line with client demand; with resources  reducing to “core” levels as demand falls.


2.  Resource skill-sets – where specific skill-sets (e.g. process design, technical knowledge) are required, resources can be exchanged to meet this need.


3.  Onsite/Remote resource mix - based on the type of demand, the mix can be ‘flexed’ to meet your needs and the post-Covid-19 situation

Blue Bike works with a wide range of government, aged-care, disability, and social services agencies, giving us a breadth of insight across the greater community sector.  We use our knowledge of those sectors and specialisations such as program and project management, business analysis, enterprise and solution architecture, data modelling and analytics, to find the right people to augment your team, right now.

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